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When we talk about Roboplast, it is necessary to start by its costumers, sure enough the company’s first aim is to please them in their requirements of handling and exposure of the products.

Always looking after the customer by identifying with the companies it works with, Roboplast transforms every year 5.500 tons of plastic, setting up a large amount of products different in kind and proportion in Italy, Europe and all around the world.

17.000 indoor square metres, 13 lines of production and 50 employees may seem the numbers of a medium company, but considering the minimum weight of the plastic product and the maximum weight of the acquired customers, you will easily change your mind.

Roboplast is a leader company, born from the entrepreneurial passion of the Oderda Family and grew up vertically, from 1976 to today, thanks to its capacity of interpreting, anticipating and meeting the customers’ requirements.

Plastic is not an exact science, as the mathematics is; chemical formulas don’t give space to interpretation, the manufacturing processes do. That is why Roboplast can meet the customers’ requirements with features and colours specially developed to meet every single requirement during the utilization stroke.

For those reasons your production arrives to the finished product without any problem, for those reasons every single cent spent for raw materials produced by Roboplast turns into added value for your customers, as for fidelity and the repeat of orders and new job opportunities.

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